1. To keep yourself and your surroundings clean.It is the reflection of your inner self.

2. To complete with yourself, and not with others, to achieve more and better, to stretch your potential a little further, the maximum that you can. Remember, sky is not the limit; only you can limit yourself.

3. To pray to the Almighty to give you strength to achieve the things you can, and the serenity to accept what you cannot,and above all the wisdom to know the difference.

4. To struggle against all odds;that greatness is not in achieving the easy and the ordinary: it is in achieving the seemingly impossible; that history is made by the courageous who dared to question and challenge and not following the ordinary and the easy.

5. Never to disown, hurt or oppress the poor, not to be bend your knees before insolent might.

6. Not waste your time; there is never enough time to learn, to love, to give, to achieve, to wonder, to leave behind a legacy, a minute lost is lost forever,it can never be retrieved, if health and wealth are lost they may be regained, but not time.One life is not enough to unravel the mysteries of life and of this universe."One crowded hour of life is worth an age without a name."

7. To appreciate the beauty and goodness in the universe, the beauty and goodness within you and the beauty and goodness in others.

8. That every human being is basically good, if anyone is bad to you, it is not your fault; nor it is his fault;he may have been treated badly by others. May be your goodness to him bring back his own goodness.As eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth has never brought any body peace; but when one strikes you on one cheek,showing him the other too has brought reconciliation, change,repentance.Unfortunately,misery,wars,killings,suffrings and the poverty in today’s world.

9. That each individual is unique; and each must find his own unique path in life to success and fulfilment;there is no challenge, and therefore,no reward in the beaten path;each one blossoms in his own uniqueness.Therefore,you decide your destiny and you make it.others,even teachers and parents,are only helpers.Date to take the path less travelled,for that will make all the difference in your life.

10. That it is possible to agree,to disagree,that,it is alright to be different;not to feel guilty to assert oneself(not aggressive) :it is healthy to look for one’s own happiness(though not at the expense of others).

11. To play well the game of life in the Pierre-de Coubertin way: "The important thing is not to win but to take part,just as the important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle.The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well."